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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Business Entity Endorsement

You have attempted to access the Business Entity Endorsement, form LIC 411-8A. Pursuant to Cal. Ins. Code section 1661, use of this form has been restricted. Specifically, this section states, in part, that when a business entity wants to change, remove, or add to the natural persons who are to transact insurance under authority of its license, it shall file a form prescribed by the commissioner, and that form must be submitted by a means of electronic service approved by the commissioner.

You must use Sircon's Maintain Agency Associations. For assistance creating a user account, please see Vertafore Support. If you are filing an endorsement for a license type not available, you may proceed to the Business Entity Endorsement, form LIC 411-8A.

Business entities may, for good cause shown, request an exemption to the electronic filing requirements. Such requests may be made by contacting the Toll-Free Producer Licensing Hotline (800) 967-9331. These requests must be made prior to the filing of a paper Business Entity Endorsement form.

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