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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Course Approval Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I send the provider/course approval applications?  

Provider/course approval applications, along with filing fees and required attachments, should be sent to:  

California Department of Insurance
Curriculum and Officer Review Bureau - Education Unit
P.O. Box 311
Sacramento, CA 95812-0311

What subjects will or will not qualify for CE course approval?  

Subjects qualifying for CE course approval shall include, but not be limited to, technical insurance contract analysis, risk management techniques, and rating and classification sessions. Subjects not qualifying for CE course approval shall include, but not be limited to: sales training, motivational training, meetings offered by insurers to launch new products or programs, or self-improvement programs.  

What is the deadline for submitting course approval applications?  

Course approval applications and filing fees must be received in our office at least 30 days prior to the date of the course offering.  

Is it necessary for a provider to file a separate course approval application to offer a course that has already been approved for another provider?  

Yes. For control purposes, each course offered by a provider is assigned a special identification number so that information associated with a particular course can be tracked.  

May I advertise a course prior to the Department's approval? 

Yes, you may advertise the course as "submitted for approval with the Department of Insurance." A disclaimer stating that the course may be be rejected by the Commissioner and no credit would be given by the Commissioner for completion of such course must be added to the advertisement.

What is the definition of "minor change" as stated in Section 2188.2(f) of the California Code of Regulations?  

"Minor change" is a change that only slightly changes the content of a course without introducing new subject matter.  

Will any of the prelicensing courses be approved as continuing education courses?  

The provider can apply for a CE course approval for an code and ethics course; however, the provider must be an approved continuing education provider.  

Is it necessary to provide a copy of the prelicensing curriculum and educational objectives to students?  

Yes. The prelicensing curriculum and educational objectives should be provided to students upon initial enrollment of a class so that they know what the Department's qualifying examinations are based on and what is expected of them.



Agent Questions & Answers 

I completed a course that is not listed on the web site.       

The prelicensing education provider has 10 days from the course completion date to submit the student roster to the department and the continuing education provider has 30 days. If it has been more than 10 days since you completed the prelicensing course and 30 days since you completed the continuing education course, contact the provider and request that they submit the student roster to the department. If they insist that the student roster has been sent, request that they either resubmit it or contact the education unit on your behalf. Be sure to verify both your social security and/or license numbers with the provider. 

How is the completion date determined for courses that I have taken? 

The education provider sets their own policies as to how completion dates are determined. They can choose whether it is by postmark date, receipt date, grading date, etc. All students will receive credit based on the policy the provider sets forth, without exceptions. Please verify with the provider's policy for completion dates at the time of purchasing the course.    

Can I get credit for completing any approved continuing education course?




No. A licensee can only get credit for approved courses for the license type held.

Disclaimer - No course approved for either prelicensing or continuing education hours or any designation resulting from completion of such courses should be construed to be endorsed by the Commissioner.

If you need further assistance, please call the California Department of Insurance's Education Unit at (916) 492-3064. Please be sure to include your name, telephone number, license number and e-mail address in all correspondence with the California Department of Insurance.


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