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Certificate of Completion Frequently Asked Questions

Provider Questions & Answers | Agent Questions & Answers

Provider Questions & Answers 

What are the elements that should be included in the Certificate of Completion? 

A certificate of completion should include the provider name, address, phone number and approval number; course title and approval number; class beginning and ending dates, complete address (including zip code) where class is conducted; number of credit hours approved and a statement that "submitting a false or fraudulent Certificate of Completion to the Insurance Commissioner may subject any license application to denial, and any issued license to suspension or revocation." The certificate of completion is to provide a statement that students should retain the certificate for five years. Lastly, the certificate must be signed by both the student and the instructor/provider director.

Should a Certificate of Completion be issued to a student who attended less than 100 percent of a prelicensing course?  

No. According to California Code of Regulations Section 2188.5(a), a student must attend 100 percent of a prelicensing course in order to earn a Certificate of Completion. This requirement means that any sessions missed by a student must be made up. An instructor must work with the student to go over the missed materials before certifying that the student has completed 100 percent of the class and materials.

What should I write in as class beginning and ending dates on the Certificate of Completion for a student who attended make up session(s)?

Write in the original class beginning and ending dates as if the student would have completed the class. Attach an addendum to the Certificate indicating the make up date(s). Do not issue a Certificate of Completion until all materials/sessions have been made up. Instructor will need to mark the attendance records showing the class is completed out of sequence. This will help us follow the attendance pattern when we come out for an audit.

Agent Questions & Answers

How long do I need to retain my Certificate of Completion?

The certificate of completion should be retained for three years.

Disclaimer - No course approved for either prelicensing or continuing education hours or any designation resulting from completion of such courses should be construed to be endorsed by the Commissioner.

Contact Information

  • If you need further assistance, please call the California Department of Insurance's Education Unit at (916) 492-3064.
  • Please be sure to include your name, telephone number, license number and e-mail address in all correspondence with the California Department of Insurance.


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