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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

License Status Help

Helpful Hints

  • Browser: This application must be viewed using the following browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome 22, FireFox 3.6 or Safari.
  • License Number not found: Be sure that you are entering a zero "0" and not an alpha "O". License numbers never begin with an alpha character.
  • Number of Names Retrieved: This search may return up to 100 names. If your search request results in more than 100 names you can select on the “Next” link at the bottom of the page to continue to review the names that were retrieved.
  • Find the License: If you cannot find the license by using the business name, type only the first 10 to 15 letters of the business name. If you do not find the license, type the business name again with 1 or 2 fewer characters.
  • Adjectives in the Name: If the business name begins with "The" or "A", do not type this initially. If you do not find the license, then try the search with "The" or "A" at the beginning of the business name.
  • Apostrophes: Apostrophes are used in the business name (e.g., Susie’s Insurance Agency), but commas and periods are not used.
  • Names with Spaces: Spaces between initials matter. If the name has initials in it, type the initials first with a space between them (e.g., U 2 Insurance Agency), and if the name is not found, then type the initials without a space between them (e.g. U2 Insurance Agency).
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