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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Quick Tips

Never be pressured or intimidated by an agent

It is not wise to purchase insurance at the first meeting. Seek the advice of someone you trust. Agents should never use high-pressure sales tactics.

Answer all questions on the application truthfully

Omitting or falsifying information can cause the company to deny your claim or cancel your policy. Never leave any blank areas on an application form. Dishonest agents can take advantage and fill in the blanks without your approval.

Never sign anything you don't understand

Ask all the questions you want and take notes for comparison. It is always a good idea to have a record of what was said for future reference. If an agent is unwilling to explain a policy to your satisfaction, then do not sign or buy the policy.

Compare policies carefully

Insurance can be one of the most important ongoing purchases you make to protect yourself and your family from financial hardship. It is important to buy the best coverage that meets your needs and budget. Don't buy coverage you can't afford and never pay with cash. Make checks payable to the insurance company or agency name. Also, be aware of duplicate coverage between policies you own and policies you are considering.
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