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Holocaust Victims

The following statistics are intended to give you a sense of the total number of Holocaust victims there were and the survivors and heirs that may be alive today. ; This includes Jews and other groups persecuted by the Nazis. This information is intended to provide a foundation for what many believe to be a large number of unpaid insurance claims that still exists to this day after almost 60 years have elapsed.

Worldwide Jewish Population
Approximately 13 million

Estimate of World Holocaust Survivor Population
150,000 to 600,000 people

Alleged Unpaid Insurance Claims That Could Exist Today
Unable to determine how high this number might actually be at this time

Worldwide Jewish Population, by Country *

Country Population
United States of America 5,800,000
Israel 4,600,000
France 600,000
Russia 550,000
United Kingdom 300,000
Hungary 80,000
Germany 60,000
Italy 35,000
Switzerland 18,000
Poland 8,000
Slovakia 6,000
Czech Republik 6,000

* Source: Virtual Jerusalem.

Some Statistics on Other Nazi Persecuted Groups

Roma (Gypsies)

WWII Deaths - 245,810 - 263-110

Survivors (exclusive of heirs) - 5,000

Source: First estimated by Angus Fraser in The Gypsies (Oxford, 1992)


5,000-15,000 incarcerated in concentration camps

Over half of those incarcerated believed murdered

Jehovah's Witnesses

An estimated 6,000 individuals sent to concentration camps

Only 3,900 survivors in 1945

Mentally / Physically Handicapped

400,000 forcibly sterilized (mainly men and women between the ages of 20 and 40)

275,000 murdered

These statistics were last updated in approximately 2004.

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