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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Informational Report on the CDI Intervenor Program

Addendum to Proposition 103 Recoupment Fee Assessment Report - Informational Report on the California Department of Insurance Intervenor Program.

California Insurance Code (CIC) Section 1861.10 provides for consumer participation in Department proceedings conducted pursuant to Proposition 103 (CIC Section 1861.01 et seq.). These consumer representatives (intervenors) are entitled to compensation for their reasonable advocacy fees and expenses they incur in proceedings conducted by the Department.

Intervenors generally participate in two types of proceedings - rulemaking and prior approval rate hearings. The rulemaking matters relate to the promulgation of regulations intended to implement provisions of Proposition 103. The prior approval rate hearings concern rate applications by specific insurance companies.

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Proposition 103 Consumer Intervenor Process

Proposition 103 Recoupment

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