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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Evacuation Checklist for Policyholders

Here are some tips from the Department of Insurance for consumers facing evacuation:

If you are evacuating:

  • Follow all evacuation orders from local authorities.
  • If time allows, locate your insurance policy documents and upload them to the cloud using your mobile device.
  • If time allows, make a photo or video inventory of your possessions. An inventory can be completed quickly and easily on your smart phone and safely stored in the Cloud. Download a free home inventory guide from the department Web site.

After you evacuate:

  • Homeowner and renter policies can help with evacuation and recovery expenses under additional living expense coverage, known as ALE. ALE coverage typically includes extra food and housing costs, furniture rental, relocation and storage, and transportation expenses. The department urges evacuees to contact their insurer to verify their ALE coverage provision and limits and learn about the requirements and impact of using the coverage. If financial losses due to a mandatory evacuation are significant, filing an ALE claim may be a good option for some policyholders. If so, it is critical to keep all receipts and document the date, time and names of any insurance company employees you speak to regarding your coverage and details of the conversation.
  • Policy provisions, including deductibles, vary by company, residents should check with their insurer or agent as soon as possible to confirm coverage, limits, and any other limitations and documentation requirements.
  • Consumers should make sure any insurance agent or public adjuster offering their services has a valid license by checking online with the Department of Insurance. Public adjusters cannot solicit business for seven calendar days after the disaster.

If you have any questions or need assistance, the California Department of Insurance is here to help. Please call: 1-800-927-4357 or visit

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