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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Rate Filings and Review

Health Rate Filings

How Do I Find Rate Filings from Health Insurers?

The California Department of Insurance posts rate filings online as soon as they become available. Visit Health Insurance Rate Filings and you can search for filings from a specific company or time period. You may also sign up to receive e-mail notices when new filings are available for viewing.

What is a Rate?

A rate is the price for health insurance. It is also referred to as a "premium" or "premium rate." Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more details.

What Are Health Rate Filings?

California law requires insurers to file and justify any proposed health insurance rate change for individual or small group (100 or fewer employees) health insurance policies. The law also requires the California Department of Insurance (CDI) to review those rate changes and publish them on our web site. The purpose of the review and publication is to protect consumers and promote accountability in the health insurance industry. While the Commissioner can request that the insurer amend the rate change or make an official determination that the proposed rate change is unreasonable, the Commissioner does not have the authority to deny or approve proposed rate changes.

How Does Rate Review Work?

When an insurance company files its rates with CDI, our experts known as actuaries review the filing to make sure any proposed rate increase is justified. The Commissioner has the authority to review rates for reasonableness, but cannot approve or deny rate increases. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more details.

Individual and Small Group Market Aggregate Rate Information

Health insurers must annually report specified aggregate information on premiums, cost sharing, benefits, enrollment, and trend factors for all grandfathered and non-grandfathered products in the individual and small group markets (Assembly Bill 2118, 2020). Follow this link for more information regarding these submissions.

Large Group Rate Increase Information and Notice Requirements

Health insurers must annually submit information regarding the aggregate weighted average rate increase of all their large group insurance policies to the Department of Insurance (Senate Bill 546, 2015). Follow this link for more information regarding these submissions.

Health insurers must provide purchasers of large group health insurance (more than 100 employees), such as large employers, with notice of premium rate increases at least 60 days before the rate goes into effect. This notice must include a comparison of the rate increase with the average individual market rate increase for Covered California, as well as the average rate increase for the state employee retirement system, CalPERS.

The 2023 average rate increases for both CalPERS and Covered California are:

  • CalPERS: 2023 average rate increase for basic products (HMO, PPO, ASN) = 7.0%
  • Covered CA: 2023 average rate increase for individual market products = 5.6%

Materials from Public Meetings Regarding Prescription Drug Prices and Large Group Health Insurance Rates

Pursuant to the requirements of Senate Bill 546 (Leno, 2015) and Senate Bill 17 (Hernandez, 2017), the Department holds an annual meeting regarding prescription drug costs and changes in rates, benefits, and cost sharing in the large group health insurance market, to provide information to the public and to hear testimony from members of the public regarding these topics. The presentation slides from the 2019 meeting is available here.

Axene Analysis

Copies of the 2010 Axene Health Partners reviews of insurer rate filings for the individual health market are available for public review.

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