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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Residential Insurance Contact List

Company Name Phone Number
21st Century Premier Insurance Company2 800-974-6755
Aegis Security Insurance Company 844-207-4339
AIG Property Casualty Company 888-978-5371
Affiliated FM Insurance Company 800-343-7722
AFH Insurance Company3 800-543-2644
Allstate Indemnity Company2 800-255-7828
Allstate Insurance Company2 800-255-7828
American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida 800-852-2244
American Family Connect Property and Casualty Insurance Company 888-239-9953
American Modern Home Group 800-543-2644
American Modern Property & Casualty Insurance Company 800-543-2644
American National Property and Casualty Company 800-899-6519
American Security Insurance Company 800-852-2244
Amguard Insurance Company 800-673-2465
Amica Mutual Insurance Company 800-652-6422
Armed Forces Insurance Exchange 800-255-6792
ASI Select Insurance Corporation 866-274-8765
Aspen American Insurance Company2 800-548-1616
Bankers Standard Insurance Company** 866-324-8222
California Automobile Insurance Company (Mercury Group) 800-956-3728
California Capital Insurance Group 800-682-9255
California Casualty Indemnity Exchange 866-680-5143
California Mutual Insurance Company 800-310-5824
Century-National Insurance Company 800-462-2123
Chubb Indemnity Insurance Company** 866-324-8222
Chubb National Insurance Company** 866-324-8222
Cincinnati Insurance Company 888-242-8811
Civil Property and Casualty Company2,4 800-974-6755
Civil Service Employees Ins Group 800-282-6848
Crestbrook Insurance Company 877-669-6877
CSAA Fire & Casualty Insurance Company4 844-810-6077
CSAA Insurance Exchange (AAA Northern California) 844-810-6077
CSE Safeguard Insurance Company 800-282-6848
DB Insurance Co., LTD (U.S. Branch) 866-662-5752
Eagle West Insurance Company 800-682-9255
Electric Insurance Company 800-342-5342
Encompass Insurance Company 800-462-2123
Exact Property and Casualty Company Inc 800-974-6755
Executive Risk Indemnity Inc.** 866-324-8222
Falls Lake National Insurance Company 800-780-7454
Farmers Direct Property and Casualty Insurance Company 800-974-6755
Farmers Group 800-974-6755
Federal Insurance Company/Chubb 866-324-8222
Fidelity & Deposit Company of Maryland 800-548-1616
Fire Insurance Exchange 800-974-6755
First American Specialty Insurance Company** 888-922-5343
First National Insurance Company of America 800-332-3226
Foremost Insurance Company Grand Rapids, Michigan 800-527-3905
Foremost Property & Casualty Insurance Company1 800-527-3905
Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company 800-531-8722
General Insurance Company of America 800-332-3226
Grange Insurance Association 800-247-2643
Great Northern Insurance Company** 866-324-8222
Homesite Insurance Company of California2 800-466-3748
Homesite Insurance Company of the Midwest 800-466-3748
Horace Mann Insurance Companies 800-999-1030
Horace Mann Property & Casualty Insurance Company 800-999-1030
Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Company 855-436-3467
Incline National Insurance Company 800-585-0705
Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania** 888-978-5371
Integon National Insurance Company/National General 800-462-2123
InterInsurance Exchange of the Automobile Club (AAA Southern CA) 877-222-1445877-222-1445877-222-1445
Kemper Independence Insurance Company 877-252-7878
Knightbrook Insurance Company2 855-231-4663
Lemonade Insurance Company 844-733-8666
Liberty Insurance Corporation 800-699-3534
Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company 800-699-3534
Mapfre Insurance Company 877-627-3731
Markel American Insurance Company2,4 800-236-2862
Merastar Insurance Company 800-637-2782
Mid-Century Insurance Company 800-974-6755
Motors Insurance Corporation 833-226-1524
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Companies 877-669-6877
Neighborhood Property and Casualty Company 800-974-6755
Occidental Fire and Casualty Company of NC 800-481-0643
Oregon Mutual Insurance Company 800-888-2141
Pacific Indemnity Company 866-324-8222
Pacific Specialty Insurance Company 800-303-5000
Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company** 800-247-5930
Praetorian Insurance Company 866-318-2016
Property & Casualty Insurance Company 888-413-8970
PURE (Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange) 888-813-7873
QBE Insurance Corporation 866-318-2016
Residence Mutual Insurance Company 800-234-2103
Response Indemnity Insurance Company of California1 800-488-4096
Safeco Insurance Companies 800-332-3226
Safeco Insurance Company of Illinois 800-332-3226
Seaview Insurance Company4 866-840-5329
Sentinel Insurance Company 888-413-8970
Spinnaker Insurance Company 888-221-7742
Standard Fire Insurance Company 866-522-1883
Standard Guaranty Insurance Company 800-852-2244
State Farm General Insurance Company** 800-782-8332
State National Insurance Company2 855-695-3889
Stillwater Insurance Companies 855-712-4092
Stillwater Property and Casualty Insurance Company 855-712-4092
Sutton National Insurance Company 888-846-4238
Tokio Marine America Insurance Company 800-918-8979
Travelers Commercial Insurance Company 866-522-1883
Trumbull Insurance Company 888-413-8970
Twin City Insurance Company 888-413-8970
Unitrin Auto and Home Insurance Company 877-252-7878
Unitrin Direct Property & Casualty3 800-253-7744
Universal North America Insurance Company 866-458-4262
USAA Casualty Insurance Company 800-531-8722
USAA General Indemnity Company 800-531-8722
USAA (United Services Automobile Association) 800-531-8722
US Coastal Property and Casualty Insurance Company 866-896-7233
Vigilant Insurance Company 866-324-8222
Western Mutual Insurance Company** 800-234-2103
Wawanesa General Insurance Company 800-640-2920
Zurich American Insurance Company 800-905-7550


1Mobilehome Only
2Renter's Policy Only
3Condo Only Policy
4Dwelling Fire Policy
**Renewals Only


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