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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Pet Insurers Doing Business in California

There are several insurance companies offering pet insurance in the State of California. As you decide which product best fits the needs of you and your pet, you are encouraged to visit each plan's Web site for plan information. You can also view our company profiles for each underwriting insurance company. Company profile information includes license and complaint history.

Plan Web site Underwriting Company Profile Consumer Contact Information
Pets Best Aetna Insurance Co. of Connecticut (877) 738-7237
Pet Plan Pet Insurance AGCS Marine Insurance (866) 467-3875
Pet First Health Care American Alternative Insurance Corporation (866) 937-7387 or
(866) 710-7387
Truepanion American Pet Insurance Company (800) 569-7913
Pet Partners
AKC Pet Health Care
American Insurance Company (866) 774-1113
Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Markel American Insurance Company (800) 453-4054

The North River Insurance Company and, 

United States Fire Insurance Company

(866) 597-2424
Embrace Pet Insurance RLI Insurance Company (800) 511-9172
ASPCA Pet Insurance United States Fire Insurance (888) 716-1203
Veterinary Pet Insurance Veterinary Pet Insurance Company (888) 899-4874
Odie Pet Insurance

Clear Blue Insurance Company

(877) 327-0471

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