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2015 Insurer Supplier Diversity - Results


2015 Insurer Supplier Diversity Survey: Results

The 2015 ISD Survey Results were presented at the 4th Annual Insurance Diversity Summit on November 4, 2015. The Survey Results provide an overview of the survey, as well as key findings from the over 200 company reports that were submitted.


Resource Documents

2015 Insurer Supplier Diversity Survey: Insurer Contact List

This Resource Document lists three sets of contacts for each insurance company/group that reported on the 2015 ISD Survey:

  1. Primary: main point of contact for all supplier diversity operations within the company/group
  2. Secondary: a high-level manager or supervisor who oversees the procurement practices within the company
  3. General: general supplier diversity inquiry address or the company's general inquiry address


2015 Insurer Supplier Diversity Survey: Narrative & Charts Raw Data

This Resource Document includes all responses received by all insurance companies in Excel format


2015 Insurer Supplier Diversity Survey: Overall Totals (by Certification & Industry Categories)

This Resource Document shows the totals across the industry for California and National spend (National spend reporting was optional).

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