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CA Department of Insurance

CRUC Definitions

Important Terms and Insurance Coverages Provided

  1. According to CCR, Section 2646.6(b), the following coverages are to be provided:

Personal Lines:

  • Line 1P - Dwelling Fire - Non-Commercial (including policies issued through the California FAIR Plan);
  • Line 4 - Homeowners Multiple Peril;
  • Line 19.2 - Private Passenger Automobile Liability (including policies assigned by the California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan);

Commercial Lines:

  • Line 1C - Commercial Fire (including policies issued through the California FAIR Plan);
  • Line 5.1 - Commercial Multiple Peril - Non-Liability;
  • Line 5.2 - Commercial Multiple Peril - Liability
  1. Earned Exposure - The term earned is defined as a condition where the exposure is recognized by the insurance company after time has passed and the insurance company has delivered the services promised under the insurance policy. Furthermore, an exposure is defined as the risk or loss potential an insurance company assumes from its policyholder in exchange for premium (an automobile or home are examples of exposures).

  2. Agents or Agencies - The number of agents or agencies in this report represents the two marketing systems available (independent or captive).

  3. Servicing Offices - Servicing offices consist of claim service, marketing, and/or sales office.
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