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Investigation Job Opportunities

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Investigators (830.11 PC) and Detectives (830.3 PC)

Investigators within the Investigation Division are comprised of sworn and non-sworn officers who are authorized with powers of arrest, the ability to execute search warrants, issue subpoenas, and effect other California law enforcement and administrative procedures. Special Investigators for the Investigation Division are highly trained non-peace officers whose primary duty is the enforcement of the California Insurance Code and other laws relating to persons and businesses, licensed or unlicensed who are engaged in the business of insurance. Detectives for the Investigation Division are sworn peace offices in the Criminal Operations Point of Sale (COPS) Unit whose primary duty is to conduct criminal investigations of violations of law relating to the sale of insurance and/or insurance products. Both Investigators and Detectives serve search warrants, testify in court, and work with local, state, and federal law enforcement.  Special Investigators are required to complete a Penal Code Section 832 Arrest Course. The Detectives, as sworn peace officers, must possess eligibility for the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Basic or Specialized Certificate.

Possible Assignments

The Investigation Division prioritizes the following violations:

  • Premium Theft
  • Senior Citizen Abuse
  • Illegal Bail Practices
  • Health Insurance Violations
  • Public Adjuster
  • Unauthorized Insurers/Unlicensed Transactors
  • Title Rebating/Kickbacks

In addition to investigating these and other type of cases, the Division has an important role in assisting and educating consumers about insurance issues through the following programs: the Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART), Public Outreach, Life and Annuity Consumer Protection Program and the Auto Program.

Detective (830.3 PC)

CalPERS Peace Officer Retirement
Medical, Dental and Vision
Sick and Vacation Leave
Paid Holidays
Bilingual Pay
Education Incentive
Physical Fitness Incentive Pay
Flexible work schedule
Career Advancement
Geographic Pay Differential: Detectives in Los Angeles County and Silicon Valley Regional Office receive an additional $200 a month

Note:  Applicants who do not possess California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Certification will be placed in a Basic POST Certified Academy upon hire.

Investigator (830.11 PC):

CalPERS Safety Officer Retirement
Medical, Dental and Vision
Sick and Vacation Leave
Paid Holidays
Bilingual Pay
Flexible work schedule
Career Advancement

Applying for a position as a Detective or Investigator with the Investigation Division is the first step toward an exciting career in law enforcement.  We are currently accepting applications on a continuous basis!

STEP 1: Review Investigator (830.11) or Detective (Sworn Peace Officer) JOB Vacancies for employment information:

STEP 2: Take the Exam: Examination Information: Please click on this link for the Official Examination Bulletin for the Special Investigator or Investigator (Detective) exam. The Examination Bulletin contains information on salary and minimum qualification. Please read the information contained in the bulletin and continue with the exam.

STEP 3: Complete the State Application:  This is the official California State Examination/Employment Application Form 678 (Rev. 06/2010) and the required Criminal Record Supplemental Questionnaire in Adobe Acrobat format. Instructions are also available if needed.

Please mail a completed standard State Application STD 678, a Criminal Record Supplemental Questionnaire, and proof of meeting the minimum qualifications of the classification to:

Human Resources Management Division
Department of Insurance
300 Capitol Mall, Suite 1300
Sacramento, CA 95814


Thank you for your interest in employment with the California Department of Insurance. If you have any questions regarding positions with the Investigation Division please contact us at:

Phone: (916) 854-5782

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