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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Initiatives To Reduce Producer Fraud

In order to reduce incidents involving producer fraud, the Investigation Division has implemented the following:

  1. Established quality control measures at the regional level to ensure compliance of Division policies designed to improve efficiency and increase productivity.
  2. Established the Investigation Division Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) to work in conjunction with other CDI divisions and allied agencies to proactively respond to disasters or other emergencies statewide affecting enforcement operations.
  3. In conjunction with CDI's Legal Enforcement Bureau, developed the Visiting Attorney Program (VAP) to assist in the review of on-going casework, as well as reports of suspected violations, to ensure that the Division is achieving an efficient use of its resources.
  4. Improved Investigation Division Database to better identify suspects of investigations, economic impact information and patterns of non-compliance by individuals and entities involved in the transaction of insurance.
  5. Provided Life and Annuity Consumer Protection Program (LACPP) training to county prosecutors, local law enforcement agencies and consumer groups.
  6. Ongoing development of legislative proposals to strengthen laws governing the transaction of insurance and the enforcement of those laws.
  7. Ongoing outreach to industry associations, consumer groups and allied law enforcement agencies.

Company and Agent/Broker Information

The links on the Company and Agent/Broker Information page are designed to provide you with information on insurance companies, agents and brokers doing business in California.  You can conduct a search on license status, obtain a list of insurance companies, review complaint studies and enforcement actions, as well as review rate filings and overall performance.
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