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Request for Variances

Under Proposition 103 property and casualty insurance rates are subject to limitations based partially on factors called the maximum and minimum permitted earned premium.  Under certain circumstances an insurer's maximum and/or minimum permitted earned premium may be adjusted if the insurer requests a variance pursuant to California Code of Regulations (CCR) §2646.4(c)), and if the variance request is approved.

Members of the public may request a hearing on any Proposition 103 property and casualty rate filing application, including those for which the insurer has requested a variance.  Starting in August, 2003, requests for variances under CCR §2646.4(c), and links to public notices regarding the ability of members of the public to request hearings on variance requests, will be listed on this page.  

The insurer(s) listed below have requested variances.  Members of the public who are interested in requesting a hearing regarding any request for variance listed below should click the appropriate link to view the notice.

For more information about property and casualty rate filings, including weekly public notice lists, see our Rate Filing Information page.

Company Requesting Variance Lines Affected Last Date to Request Hearing
Developer Surety and Indemnity
Commercial Surety January 21, 2006
The Bar Plan Mutual Insurance Company (pdf, 13 kb) Commercial Surety December 20, 2004
California State Automobile Association Inter-Insurance Bureau (pdf, 12 kb)
Private Passenger Automobile September 30, 2003
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