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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Title Insurance Rate Filings

The Title filing lists are available in Microsoft Excel. The Excel documents may be downloaded to your computer.  An Excel reader or application is needed to read the documents (see our  Free Document Readers website.)

Title Filings in Excel Format

2019 Title Filings YTD 08-1-19

2018 Title Filings YTD 12-31-18

2017 Title Filings YTD 12-31-17

2016 Title Filings YTD 12-30-16

Annual 2015 Title Filings YTD 12-31-15

Annual 2014 Title Filings YTD 12/31/2014

Annual 2013 Title Filings YTD 12/31/13

Annual 2012 Title Filings YTD 12/31/12

Annual 2011 Title Filings YTD 12/31/11

Annual 2010 Title Filings YTD 12/31/10

Annual 2009 Title Filings YTD 12/31/09

Annual 2008 Title Filings YTD 12/31/08

Annual 2007 Title Filings YTD 12/31/07

Yearly Title Insurance Filings

Yearly Title Filing by Received Date 


2006 Yearly Title Filings (Received Date)

2005 Yearly Title Filings (Received Date)

2004 Yearly Title Filings (Received Date) 

2003 Yearly Title Filings (Received Date) 

2002 Yearly Title Filings (Received Date) 

The Yearly and Monthly Title Insurance lists from 1997 through June 2001 can be obtained upon request.   Please e-mail the Department's Custodian of Records at


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