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CA Department of Insurance

Virtual Viewing Room

California Department of Insurance
Rate Regulation Branch

Web Access to Rate and Form Filings (WARFF)

Welcome to the California Department of Insurance (CDI), Virtual Viewing Room. This system provides public access via the internet to the CDI Rate Regulation Branch's Rate and Form Filings, and related public records. 

The system contains filings that have been submitted in a non-electronic format from 1998 to the present.  As of July 29, 2009 SERFF (System for Electronic Rate and Form Filings) filings will also be available through this system.

Filings made by Advisory Organizations are available to the public but can only be viewed at one of our Public Viewing Room in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

To retrieve a document, please complete the search and select the File Number. Please make sure that your window is maximized to its full size.  To view the document you may need to download the Adobe Reader software from our Free Document Readers page.

Public Viewing Room Numbers: (Filings may still be viewed in our Public Viewing Rooms located in San Francisco and Los Angeles)

Northern California:  (415) 538-4300

Southern California:  (213) 346-6707

Should you have any problems with the system or have any questions, you may also E-mail us at



 In addition to our WARFF system to view Property and Casualty filings, we are pleased to provide you with an alternative method for viewing Property and Casualty filings. Insurance company filings submitted electronically to the California Department of Insurance are made available at no cost through the SERFF Filing Access (SFA) website. A listing show both CDI File #

and their corresponding SERFF Tracking # is available. 

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