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CA Department of Insurance

Appendix A - Payment Cancellation

The following is a sample script when canceling a tax payment. A cancellation can be made on transactions until the day before your account is debited for payment:



STEP 2 System: Welcome to the California EFT System. If you are calling from a touch tone phone, please press "1" now. If you have a rotary phone, please hold the line for operator assistance.
Caller: Hold for operator assistance.
STEP 3 Operator: Welcome to the California EFT System. Which agency are you reporting for?
Caller: California Department of Insurance.
STEP 4 Operator: Is this a payment, cancellation, inquiry, or security code change?
Caller: Cancellation.
STEP 5 Operator: What is your EFT taxpayer ID number? (TIN)
Caller: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (8 digits).
STEP 6 Operator: What is your security code?
Caller: _ _ _ _ (4 digits).
STEP 7 Operator: What is the reference number of the payment you wish to cancel?
Caller: _______.
STEP 8 Operator: Are you sure you want to cancel this payment?
Caller: Yes - proceed to next step.
No - skip to step #10.
STEP 9 Operator: Cancellation complete. Your reference number is __.
STEP 10 Operator: Do you wish to perform additional functions?
Caller: Yes - proceed to next step.
No - Thank you for using the California EFT System.
STEP 11 Operator: Is this cancellation for the same EFT Taxpayer ID Number?
Caller: Yes - return to step #7.
No - return to step #3.

Appendix A

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