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CA Department of Insurance


The Bulletins are published in Portable Document Format (PDF) or in Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Word formats. The Excel documents may be downloaded to your computer. To view the PDF forms on your browser you must have a current Acrobat Reader on your computer. Free copy of Acrobat, Excel and Word document readers can be downloaded from our Free Document Readers page.

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  • Bulletin 2016-8: Principle-Based Reserving Assessment for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016-17
  • Bulletin 2016-7: Principle-Based Reserving - Valuation Manual Operative January 1, 2017
  • Bulletin 2016-6: Reserve Basis for Grants and Annuities
  • Bulletin 2016-5: Summary of California Life and Health Insurance Guarantee Association Coverage
  • Bulletin 2016-4: Principle-Based Reserving Assessment for Fiscal Year (FY) 2015-16
  • Bulletin 2016-3: Special Instructions for Underwritten Title Companies to Complete the Securities Transaction Request Form A-174
  • Bulletin 2016-2: Export List
  • Bulletin 2016-1: Notice of changes to Underwritten Title Company licensing and permitted escrow service activities for licensed companies permitted to conduct escrows


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  • Bulletin 2011-4: Revised Filing or Approval Cost Recovery Rates for Life, Disability and Workers Compensation Policy Forms and Certain Other Documents
  • Bulletin 2011-3: Notification of Approval of California Life and Health Insurance Guarantee Association Summary Document of Coverage
  • Bulletin 2011-2: Implementation of Reinsurance Provisions of the Federal Nonadmitted and Reinsurance Reform Act

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  • Bulletin 2006-1: Transaction of Insurance In Other States and Territories


  • Bulletin 2005-4: Transaction of Insurance in Other States and Territories. [Recognized "Reciprocal States"] Lists states that have reciprocal relationships with California under CIC Section 706.7. (Supersedes Bulletin 2004-3 and all previous CDI bulletins listing reciprocal states)
  • Bulletin 2005-3: Workers Compensation -- Cessation of Fact-Finding and Decisions on Worker Status and Employee Exemption Issues.
  • Bulletin 2005-2: Life and Annuity Consumer Protection Fund - New Requirements The purpose of this Bulletin is to inform affected licensees and interested members of the public of the Department's implementation of AB 2316 (Chapter 835, Statutes of 2004) effective January 1, 2005.

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  • Bulletin 2004-3: Transaction of Insurance in Other States and Territories.  [Recognized "Reciprocal States"] Lists states that have reciprocal relationships with California under CIC Section 706.7. (Supersedes Bulletin 2002-1 and all previous CDI bulletins listing reciprocal states)
  • Bulletin 2004-2: Reserve Basis and Reasonably Commensurate Value (RCV) of Annuities



  • Bulletin 2002-9: Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002 Filing procedures for compliance with the provisions of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002
  • Bulletin 2002-8: Insurer Inspections of Auto Body Repairs Reminder to those Insurers that Have Not yet Complied with Bulletin 2002-4.
  • Bulletin 2002-6: Requirements for Notification of Determination of Principally at Fault Accidents
  • Bulletin 2002-5: Workers' Compensation Insurance
  • Bulletin 2002-4: Insurer Inspections of Auto Body Repairs
  • Bulletin 2002-3: Notice Regarding Increase in Fee Schedule
  • Bulletin 2002-2: USA Patriot Act The USA Patriot Act of 2001 was enacted in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The purpose of this Bulletin is to advise regulated entities of important new responsibilities under the Act.

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  • Bulletin 2001-5: Export List
  • Bulletin 2001-4: Rates of Interest for Minimum Reserves and Non-forfeiture Values - 2002 Life Insurance; 2001 Annuities   (This bulletin supersedes Bulletin No. 2000-4)
  • Bulletin 2001-1: Medicare Supplement Insurance
  • Bulletin 2000-5: Compliance with California Code of Regulations Sections 2646.6 Et Seq.
  • Bulletin 2000-3: Requirements to Issue Variable Annuity Contracts or Riders to Variable Annuity Contracts Containing Guaranteed Living Benefits
  • Bulletin 2000-2: Valuation of Life Insurance Policies (This bulletin supersedes Bulletin No. 96-9 for policies issued on or after 7/1/2000)
  • Bulletin 99-3: Notice of Fees Schedule Increase (This bulletin notifies readers of bulletin 99-4)
  • Bulletin 99-1: Approval of Variable Annuity Mortality Valuation Tables
  • Bulletin 98-3: Rates of Interest for Minimum Reserves and Non-forfeiture Values, 1999 Life Insurance, 1998 Annuities. (not available online - superceded)
  • Bulletin 98-1: Approval of Annuity Mortality Valuation Tables (not available online)
  • Bulletin 97-5: Credit in Accounting and Financial Statements on Account of Reinsurance Ceded Form AR-1 Certificate of Assuming Insurer
    The bulletin sets forth substantive and procedural requirements for licensed companies to obtain credit for reinsurance cessions. The requirements implement the provisions of Section 922.2 et seq. of the California Insurance Code.
  • Bulletin 97-4: Annual interest rate bulletin for valuation and Non-forfeiture under Standard Valuation and Non-forfeiture Laws (not available online)
  • Bulletin 97-3: New Class Plan Filings / Auto Rating Factor Regulations / ER-33. The Commissioner has will not seek adoption of emergency regulations ER-33 and will not submit the regulations to the Office of Administrative Law. All insurers offering private passenger automobile insurance in California must file new class plans and rating plans which comply with Title 10, Chapter 5, Sub-chapter 4.7, Sections 2632.1 through 2632.16 by February 18, 1997.

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  • Bulletin 96-12: Expected Reduction of Automobile Rates in Response to Proposition 213 On November 5, 1996, California voters passed Proposition 213 which will prevent some California drivers from collecting damages if they are injured in automobile accidents. This bulletin requires that automobile insurers reduce their liability rates to reflect reduced exposure as a result of Proposition 213.
  • Bulletin 96-11: Filing of Long-term Care Policies and Certificates Intended to Qualify for Favorable Tax Treatment Under "Kassebaum-Kennedy" [96-11 Rescinded: See Notice of Rescission of Bulletin 96-11.]
  • Bulletin 96-10: Unlawful Title Rebating Activities
    The California Insurance Code prohibits title companies from giving unlawful rebates or kickbacks to certain defined persons, including real estate agents, as an inducement for the referral of title insurance business. This bulletin describes some of the most common forms of unlawful kickbacks and sets forth conditions under which other activities performed by title companies would not be deemed unlawful rebates.
  • Bulletin 96-9: Model Regulation entitled "Valuation of Life Insurance Policies."  (Superseded by Bulletin 2000-2)
    The Model Regulation entitled "Valuation of Life Insurance Policies," also known as Regulation XXX (referred to herein as "the XXX Model" ) was adopted by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) in March of 1995. This Bulletin will inform affected insurers of the California Insurance Department's policy with regard to the XXX Model, and otherwise to describe minimum standards for the valuation of certain plans of insurance. Although this regulation was not adopted as an actuarial guideline and is officially titled "Valuation of Life Insurance Policies Model Regulation", it is most often referred to as Regulation XXX.
  • Bulletin 96-8: Answers to Commonly Asked Questions on Insurance Code Section 1725.5. Insurance Code Section 1725.5 (added to the Insurance Code in 1995 by AB 702, Chapter 217) effective January 1, 1997, requires certain licensees of the Department to include their license numbers on business cards, premium quotes and print advertisements for insurance products distributed exclusively in California. This bulletin attempts to answer some of the more commonly asked questions concerning Insurance Code Section 1725.5
  • Bulletin 96-4: Affiliation with Non-admitted Insurers; Permissible Transactions by Surplus Line Brokers and Non-admitted Insurers. Bulletin 96-4 provides information to licensed California surplus line brokers concerning the Commissioner's views of certain surplus line market practices.
  • Bulletin 96-2: General Purposes and Limitations of the California Life and Health Insurance Guarantee Association ("CLHIGA"). CLHIGA was created in 1991 to protect specified life and health insureds and annuitants in the event of the insolvency of a CLHIGA member insurer. Bulletin 96-2 contains a Summary Document, Disclaimer, and Notice of Non-Coverage which describes the general purposes and limitations of CLHIGA.
  • Bulletin 95-10: Procedures and Requirements for Implementation of California Insurance Code Section 10507.5 (SB 188, 1995) Governing Life Insurance Company Obligations Regarding Contract-holder Owned Assets.
  • Bulletin 95-9: Valuation Interest Rates.
  • Bulletin 95-8: Procedures and Requirements for Implementation of California Insurance Code Section 10506.
    (SB 1001, 1994) Governing Separate Account Products and General Account Guarantees.
    (Note: Prior to October 8, 2002 this bulletin was listed on this page as "Bulletin 95-8: Variable Annuities.")
  • Bulletin 95-6: Immediate Payment of Claims.

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  • Bulletin 94-11: Disclosure Required in Condominium Homeowner's Policies. (California Insurance Code (CIC) Section 10087.5)
  • Bulletin 94-9A: "Actively at Work" or "Not Disabled" Requirements in Small Employer Health Insurance.
  • Bulletin 94-7: Valuation Interest Rates.
  • Bulletin 93-6: Dividend Reporting - New Requirements.
  • Bulletin 93-3: Assembly Bill 1672 ("Small Employer Health Insurance Reform").
  • Bulletin 93-3A: Assembly Bill 1672 ("Small Employer Health Insurance Reform") as amended.
  • Bulletin 93-4: Assembly Bill 1672 -- How It Affects All Employment-Related Health Insurance; Determining Whether a New Plan Entrance Gets Credit for "Time Served" in the Prior Qualifying Plan; Changes to the Emergency Regulations (RH-317) pertaining to the "Small Employer" provisions of AB1672.
  • Bulletin 93-4A: Assembly Bills 1672 and 1768 -- this bulletin updates 93-4 of June 25, 1993, and reflects the 1993 amendments to the "all health insurance" (previously referred to as "all employer") sections of AB 1672.

    Bulletin 92-9: Life and Health Reinsurance Contracts
  • Bulletin 91-8: Filing of Data for Determining Life Insurer Valuation (California Insurance Code Section 10480); Issuance of Valuation Certificates
  • Bulletin 87-3: Requirements for Issuance of Variable Life Insurance in California
  • Bulletin 80-6: Brokers' Fees and other Similar Fees
  • Bulletin NS-3: Advertising - Maintenance of Files of Advertising, Copy and Materials

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