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CA Department of Insurance

Bulletin 2002-07

State of California Department of Insurance
Harry W. Low, Insurance Commissioner
Administration & Licensing Services Branch
300 Capitol Mall, Suite 1600
Sacramento, CA 95814
(800) 967-9331
(916) 323-1156 (fax)

Bulletin No. 2002-7

October 17, 2002

To: All Admitted Insurers and Other Interested Parties

Subject: California Department of Insurance Schedule of Fees and Charges (xls) (View Fee Schedule as Adobe Acrobat PDF file) - Fee Increase Effective November 1, 2002

This is to remind all affected parties that the California Department of Insurance (CDI) has issued new fees and charges for all producers and companies operating in the State of California. As indicated in Bulletin Number 2002-3, dated July 19, 2002, the new fees are effective November 1, 2002. Under California law (Insurance Code Section 12978), the department is authorized to increase the fees contained in the Insurance Code to provide sufficient revenue to fund the appropriation authorized by the annual Budget Act.

Attached is the department's new fees and charges schedule as indicated in Bulletin Number 2002-3. To avoid processing delays, please ensure that all documents are submitted with the correct fee.

This bulletin supercedes Bulletin Number 99-4. Please call 1-800-967-9331 should you have any questions regarding licensure or this fee announcement. For questions not related to licensing, please contact Kären Dickerson, Chief, Financial Management Division, Administration and Licensing Services Branch, at (916) 492-3514.

Please be sure this information is disseminated to all your district offices and General Agents in California.

Loren D. Suter
Deputy Commissioner,
Administration and Licensing Services Branch

Attachment (xls format)  (View Fee Schedule as Adobe Acrobat PDF file)

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