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CA Department of Insurance

Required Disclosure to Renter

Pursuant to Section 1758.76(b) of the CIC the self-service storage agent shall make all of the following disclosures to the renter, which shall be acknowledged in writing by the renter, or displayed by clear and conspicuous signs that are posted at every location where rental agreements are executed, such as the counter where a renter would sign a rental agreement:
  1. That the purchase by the renter of the insurance is not required in order to rent storage space. However, the licensee's employees may advise the renter that the self-service storage facility's rental agreement may contain provisions requiring the renter to provide insurance on his or her property in the storage unit.
  2. That the insurance policies offered by the self-service storage agent may provide a duplication of coverage already provided by a renter's homeowners insurance policy or by another source of coverage.
  3. That the self-service storage facility and its employees are not qualified or authorized to evaluate the adequacy of the purchaser's existing insurance coverage.

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