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CA Department of Insurance

Required Disclosure to Renter

Pursuant to CIC 1758.76(b)
  • Purchase of insurance is not required, however, the licensee's employees may advise the renter that the self-service storage facility's rental agreement may contain provisions requiring the renter to provide insurance on his/her property in the storage unit.
  • Self-Service Storage insurance may be duplicative of insurance maintained by renter
  • Endorsees are not qualified or allowed to evaluate the renter's existing insurance
  • Evidence of coverage must be provided to the renter
  • Statement that the insurance is provided under an individual policy issued to the renter, or a group policy issued to the self-service storage facility, by an authorized insurer
  • Disclosures must be acknowledged by renter or conspicuously displayed at the rental counter or where ever the rental contracts are executed

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