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CA Department of Insurance

Renew Individual License

You have attempted to access the Application to Renew Individual License, form LIC 448-29A. Pursuant to Section 1655 of the California Insurance Code (CIC), use of this form has been restricted. Specifically, this section states, in part, that no application for a license shall be deemed filed unless the document has been submitted by a means of electronic service approved by the commissioner. Most individual insurance producers must submit their on-time renewal to the California Department of Insurance (CDI) electronically. This requirement applies to individuals renewing the following license types:

  • Life-Only Agent
  • Accident and Health Agent
  • Property Broker-Agent
  • Casualty Broker-Agent
  • Personal Lines Broker-Agent
  • Limited Lines Automobile Insurance Agent
  • Motor Club
  • Administrator
  • Cargo Shippers' Agent
  • Portable Electronics Insurance Agent
  • Credit Insurance Agent
  • Life and Disability Insurance Analyst
  • Life Limited to the Payment of Funeral and Burial Expenses
  • Part-Time Fraternal Agent
  • Rental Car Agent
  • Self-Service Storage Agent
  • Special Lines Surplus Line Broker
  • Surplus Line Broker
  • Title Marketing Representative

If you are filing an on-time renewal for one of the above listed licenses you must use CDI's Free License Renewal Service. If you are filing a late renewal, or your license type is not listed above, you may proceed to the Application to Renew Individual License, form LIC 448-29A.

Individuals may, for good cause shown, request an exemption to the electronic filing requirements. Such requests may be made by contacting the Toll-Free Producer Licensing Hotline (800) 967-9331. These requests should be made several weeks prior to the license expiration date to ensure a timely renewal.

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