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Prelicensing/Continuing Education Program Provider/Course Information

This packet contains information relating to the sponsorship requirements of a prelicensing (PRE)/continuing education (CE) course. It is important that you read all information provided in this packet before completing the appropriate forms.

  • Certified Provider: Authorized insurer, recognized agents' association or insurance trade association, accredited institutions (public/private schools, colleges, universities, vocational/trade schools), independent providers, and institutions/organizations as described in Section 1749.4 of the California Insurance Code offering classes, courses, seminars, programs, and self-directed study in insurance to which the commissioner has granted authority to develop, conduct and certify completion of an approved program.
  • Provider Director: The individual within the provider organization with responsibility for the administration of the courses approved by the commissioner.
  • Instructor: A person meeting the instructor qualifications requirements as set forth in Section 2188.1 of the California Code of Regulations, Title 10.
  • Student: (Prelicensing): An individual taking prelicensing education courses that are required as prerequisite to admission to the life only, accident health, property broker-agent, casualty broker-agent, personal lines broker-agent or limited lines automobile insurance agent license examinations.
    (Continuing Education): An individual taking continuing education courses that are required as prerequisite to the renewal of the life only, accident health, property broker-agent, casualty broker-agent license, personal lines broker-agent or limited lines automobile insurance agent.
  • Classroom: Any space sufficiently designed so that instructors and students can communicate with a high degree of privacy and relative freedom from outside interference.
    (Continuing Education Only): Classroom may include teleconferences with audio/visual interface or webinar.
  • Contact Course*: Any live class, course, seminar, or program of instruction taken or given to satisfy the prelicensing or continuing education requirements as set forth in the California Insurance Code.
  • Non-contact Course*: Self-directed course: A continuing education course which is a correspondence course, downloadable portable document (pdf), audio/video file. Online continuing education: student takes and completes the course over the internet and must meet the requirements of section 2188.2(k) of the California Code of Regulations.

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Certification Requirements

A. Provider Certification

1. Organizations that qualify for provider certification include:

  • Authorized insurers
  • Registered agents' associations, trade associations
  • Accredited educational institutions
  • Independent providers
  • Institutions described in Section 1749.4 of the California Insurance Code.

2. Organizations requesting approval and authority to engage in educational activities shall obtain the written approval from the Commissioner prior to the commencement of any such activity.

3. Qualifications to certify a Provider are:

  • Exhibit an existing insurance education function which is directed from a designated level within the organization.
  • Has not been refused a professional, occupational or vocational license or has not had such a license suspended or revoked by any licensing authority for reasons that should preclude the Commissioner's granting of provider status.
  • Every provider, including all officers, directors or controlling persons of provider, shall possess competency, good character, and integrity.
  • Comply with the regulations regarding record maintenance, instructor qualifications, and provider conduct.
  • Complete and submit a Provider Certification Application and List of Instructors/Subject Matter Experts form along with applicable fees to the Commissioner for review and approval.
  • Maintain all PRE and CE records at a location within the State of California unless specifically authorized by the Commissioner in writing to do otherwise. To request an exemption, please sign the enclosed "Prelicensing and Continuing Education Provider Stipulation to Maintain Records Outside of California" form and submit it with your Provider Certification Application. This stipulation allows you to keep records outside of California in exchange for agreeing to pay the expenses associated with our personnel traveling to your out-of-state record storage site to review your records.
  • Provider shall assure that each instructor meets one of the following qualifications:
    • Three years' experience within the last five years in the course subject matter, which experience may include being licensed as an insurance producer; or,
    • Possess scholastic credentials in the subject matter being taught. 
  • Provider shall have each instructor engaged in educational activities complete an Instructor Qualification Form and maintain the form on file for review, as necessary, by the Commissioner. Do not submit Instructor Qualification Forms to the Department for approval.

4. Provider approval is for a 24-month period.

  • Provider to re-certify using the Provider Certification Form.

B. Course Certification*

  •  Educational activities (prelicensing, continuing education) require prior approval by the Commissioner.
  • To apply for course approval, complete and submit a Course Approval Application, along with applicable fees, to the Commissioner for review and approval. Applications and fees must be received in the Department of Insurance at least 30 days prior to the date of course offering.
  • Course approval will be by written confirmation of the Commissioner.
  • Any course qualifying for prelicensing education approval shall use the curriculum set forth in Sections 2187, 2187.1 through 2187.7 of the California Code of Regulations, Title 10.
  • Subjects qualifying for continuing education course approval shall include, but not be limited to, technical insurance contract analysis, risk management techniques, rating and classification sessions.
  • Subjects not qualifying for continuing education course approval shall include, but not be limited to, sales training, motivational training, meetings offered by insurers to launch new products/programs, self-improvement programs.
  • Courses may fail to qualify for continuing education credit if the subject matter is deemed to be too basic, or is not at least as comprehensive as any applicable portion of the prelicensing education curriculum.
  • Approved courses that have been materially changed prior to re-certification must be filed as a new course.
  • Changes regarding the location or date of any previously approved course, or notification of any additional date or location offering of a previously approved course shall be reported to the Commissioner, not less than ten (10) days prior to course offering.
  • Credit hours will be determined using a fifty (50) minute contact hour. Credit of less than one hour will not be granted. Self-directed and online continuing education course hours will be determined by using a 60 minute hour.
  • Courses cannot be advertised as approved for credit until approval has been granted in writing by the Commissioner. A course may be advertised as submitted for approval if a complete filing is made at least 30 days prior to course offering date. Such advertisement should include an advisement, in at least the same size as any language regarding the course having been submitted for approval, that the course may be rejected by the Commissioner and no credit would then be given by the Commissioner for completion of such course.
  • No student shall receive instruction for more than 480 minutes per day.
  • Courses are approved for a 24-month period and may be renewed.

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  • Filing fee is non-refundable and must be submitted with the application. Each certification shall be effective for a period of twenty-four (24) months. 
  • Filing fee for certification as a prelicensing or continuing education provider is $75.
  • Renewal fee for certification as a prelicensing or continuing education provider is $75.
  • Filing fee for certification per prelicensing education course is $75.
  • Renewal fee for certification per prelicensing education course is $37.
  • Filing fee for certification per continuing education course is $37.
  • Renewal fee for certification per continuing education course is $14.

The completed application(s), attachments and filing/renewal fee should be made payable and mailed to:

California Department of Insurance
Curriculum and Officer Review Bureau - Education Unit
P.O. Box 957
Sacramento, CA 95812-0957

If you have any questions regarding the prelicensing/continuing education requirements, contact the Department of Insurance, Education Unit at (916) 492-3064.

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Course Completion Requirements

A) Prelicensing Education*

  • Successful completion of a course shall be by attending no less than 100% of a scheduled course.
  • Course attendance shall be determined by the Provider completing and maintaining a daily attendance record at both the beginning and end of each session.
  • Certificate of Completion shall be provided by the Provider to every student successfully completing a course.
  • Within ten days of class completion, Provider shall submit to the Commissioner a Provider Roster listing those students given the Certificates of Completion.
  • Students completing approved courses shall keep their copy of the Certificate for three years. Certificates expire after three years.

B) Continuing Education*

  • Successful completion of a non-contact course shall be by obtaining a passing grade of at least 70% on a final examination.
  • Successful completion of a contact course shall be by attendance (sign in/out) that is verified and maintained by the provider in accordance with section 2188.4 of the California Code of Regulations.
  • Certificate of Completion shall be provided by the Provider to every student successfully completing a course.
  • Within thirty (30) days from class completion, Provider shall submit to the Commissioner a Provider Roster listing those students given a Certificate of Completion.
  • Students taking approved CE courses shall maintain, for a period of five (5) years, Certificates of Completion and make certificates or records available, as necessary, to the Commissioner to verify completion of continuing education requirements.
  • Courses taken cannot be repeated for credit within a two-year license period.
Auditing/Monitoring Procedures

The Department of Insurance has instituted the following procedures to assist in evaluating the prelicensing and continuing education program:

  • Drop-in Monitoring -  Department of Insurance staff may attend courses on a drop-in basis. That is, they will not register and no fees or reimbursements will be involved.
  • Investigative and/or Conformance Monitoring -  Department of Insurance staff, may on occasion, attend courses as a regular student for the purpose of determining if the courses are being presented under statute, regulation and requirements as approved by the department. Such individuals will not identify themselves as monitors and will pay the required attendance fee.
  • Course Completion Report - Providers shall furnish, by using the Provider Roster, list of students given Certificates of Completion within 30 days following the completion of a class to the Insurance Commissioner. This information will be used to cross check course completion information submitted by students.
Rescission of Provider or Course Approval

The approval of a Provider or a course may be suspended or revoked by the Commissioner if it is determined that:

  • A Certificate of Completion is or has been issued to any individual who did not complete the program.
  • Certificates of Completion were not offered or were not given when requested by a student successfully completing the course.
  • The course content has been significantly changed without notice to the Commissioner and the change affects the number of hours assigned or the change in content would make the course ineligible for approval.
  • The program, as determined by the Commissioner, fails to meet the objectives of the statutes requiring educational credits.
  • Reinstatement of a suspended or revoked approval shall be at the discretion of the Commissioner after receipt of satisfactory proof that the conditions responsible for the action taken have been corrected.

*Disclaimer - No course approved for either prelicensing or continuing education hours or any designation resulting from completion of such courses should be construed to be endorsed by the Commissioner.

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