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How Do I Request My CERT

Follow these Procedures to Request and Immediately Print My Certificate(s)

  1. Select the Certificate Electronic Request Transaction (CERT).
  2. Select "View a list of all services."
  3. SIRCON'S Main Page will appear. Select "Request a Letter of Certification."
  4. Choose Firm or Individual. 
  5. Use the drop down menu to select your resident state.
  6. Select either Producer Database or State.*
    "Producer Database" link will provide you with a print out of the NAIC producer database for your state. The "State" will provide you with a certificate of license status.
  7. Select the state(s) where the Certificate of License Status is needed.
  8. Enter your name and license number.
  9. A screen will appear that shows the Fee Summary for this transaction. At this time you may choose:
  • Revise Selection
  • Continue
  • Cancel
  1. The title, "Credit Card Information" will be at the top of the screen. Enter the required information and select "Continue." You will be asked to verify that the information is correct. If the information is correct, select "Continue," this will complete your transaction.
  2. Once payment has been accepted, the Certificate of License Status will be displayed and must be printed at that time.

 Who is Eligible to Request a Certificate of License Status Online?

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you need further assistance, please call the CDI's Producer Licensing Bureau at (800) 967-9331 or send an e-mail to the Producer Licensing Bureau. Please be sure to include your name, telephone number, license number and e-mail address in all correspondence with the CDI.

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