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Longterm Care

Long-Term Care Insurance (LTC)

Long-Term Care Insurance is designed to pay or reimburse covered long-term care costs if you need assistance or supervision because you are not able to do some of the basic "activities of daily living" (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, or moving from a bed to a chair. Other people may need long-term care because of mental deterioration caused by Alzheimer's disease, or other mental illness or brain disorders. Long-term care costs may include services rendered in your home, a nursing home, assisted living facility or adult day care. Deciding on whether to buy long-term care may depend on your health, financial situation or long term goals for retirement. To find information on Long-Term Care Insurance, the names of insurance companies authorized to sell it and compare premiums, please refer to the guide below.

Long-Term Care Insurance Rate and History Guide
The California Department of Insurance annual Consumer Guide for Long-Term Care Insurance.

Additional information on Long-Term Care Insurance can be found at:
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