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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Wildfire Recovery and Readiness

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Resources, tips, and actions to help homeowners and businesses

The threat of climate change-intensified wildfire affects millions of Californians. Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara and the Department of Insurance are here to help by providing homeowners with resources, tips, and actions that can be taken to help both prepare and recover from wildfires.


“Protecting Californians is my top priority. Our goal is to put the power in your hands to help you both prepare and recover when natural disasters strike.”

— Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara



While addressing homeowners’ immediate needs, Commissioner Lara is implementing a comprehensive solution to help people recover and prepare with insurance.


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The Department of Insurance is here to help wildfire survivors from when disaster strikes until the job is done through direct consumer assistance. Recovery is a process that can take months or even years, and we are here to help you access the insurance benefits that you paid for. Commissioner Lara has implemented new laws that cut red tape and stop insurance companies from dropping coverage for one year following a declared disaster — covering more than 600,000 consumers across 29 counties for 2021.

  • Call us at 800-927-4357 (HELP)
  • Visit our wildfire recovery page to use online chat and access resources and tips for survivors.



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Having safer communities helps keep insurance available for all. Commissioner Lara and the state’s emergency response and readiness agencies created Safer from Wildfires, a list of achievable, effective measures for homes and businesses. Today more insurance companies are offering incentives and writing coverage for safer homes.



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Created 50 years ago as an insurance safety net for those who cannot find other coverage, the California FAIR Plan — short for Fair Access to Insurance Requirements — is controlled by a consortium of insurance companies. Currently it offers only limited coverage for fire and smoke damage requiring consumers to purchase an additional policy at a higher cost for water damage, liability, and other risks. Commissioner Lara has used his authority to order the FAIR Plan to offer additional coverage for residents and business.


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