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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

Enforcement Bureau - San Francisco

Enforcement Bureau-San Francisco (EB-SF) staff prepare and file pleadings in connection with the denial of licenses and disciplinary actions against existing producer licensees and insurers, and represent the department in the administrative proceedings that follow. EB-SF staff also represents the department in administrative hearings in proceedings involving the transaction of the business of insurance by unlicensed persons, and involving allegations of improper practices by insurers.  EB-SF is responsible for providing legal opinions to the various divisions and bureaus of the department regarding licensing and disciplinary matters pertaining to insurance producers and examinations and investigations of insurers transacting insurance in the State of California.

Within Enforcement Bureau-San Francisco is the Health Insurance Bureau, formed to provide focused attention to legal and policy considerations pertaining to heath insurance. The bureau provides legal services to the various units of the Department that are responsible for the implementation of legislation related to health insurance. The bureau initiates legislative concepts involving the regulation of the business of health insurance, reviews the concepts of others and analyzes relevant proposed legislation. When appropriate, the bureau initiates enforcement actions against insurers and other regulated persons or entities where compliance with laws regulating health insurance is at issue. The bureau also acts as a liaison to the Department of Managed Health Care in matters of mutual concern. 

Enforcement Bureau-San Francisco Chief - Teresa R. Campbell

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