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CA Department of Insurance

Field Claims Bureau

The Field Claims Bureau (FCB) is a member of the Consumer Services and Market Conduct Branch of the California Department of Insurance. FCB conducts examinations of California licensed insurers' claims-handling practices.  FCB's market conduct examination results are documented in reports filed with the Insurance Commissioner.

FCB Mission Statement

The mission of the Field Claims Bureau is to protect California insurance consumers and claimants by enforcing the California Insurance Code, California Code of Regulations and related applicable laws through examinations of the claims handling practices of insurance entities doing business in the State of California.

About the Field Claims Bureau

Field Claims Bureau exams focus on claims handling practices.  A staff of approximately 20 people travel across California and the entire United States conducting these field claims examinations.   

What is a Field Claims Examination?

Field Claims Exams are usually conducted at insurer claims offices.  Exams include a review of insurer claims handling guidelines and procedures and an audit of a random sample of individual claims files for compliance with California statutes and regulations. Field Claims examiners document alleged violations of law for possible enforcement actions and work with insurers to implement corrective measures so similar violations do not occur in the future. California's insurance consumers receive restitution when corrective actions are implemented by an insurer as a result of deficiencies or violations discovered during a claims examination.  Future claimants are also protected by the new guidelines and procedures implemented by the insurer as a result of the examination to achieve compliance with the law. 

Public reports of market conduct examinations are available for viewing.

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