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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

2020 SIU E-Blasts

2020 CDI Enforcement Branch SIU E-Blasts

E-Blast: Title:
2020-01 Long Beach insurance agent arrested after allegedly stealing thousands and leaving client's business uninsured
2020-02 Annual Anti-Fraud Conference Monterey, CA April 8-10, 2020
2020-03 San Diego task force fugitive who fled the country following alleged auto insurance fraud
2020-04 $3.2 Million Sober Living Home Fraud Scheme Shut Down
2020-05 Redding resident arrested for alleged insurance fraud after Carr Fire
2020-06 Two arrested in $20 million workers' compensation insurance fraud and kickback scheme
2020-07 La Mesa IHOP cook arrested for workers' compensation fraud
2020-08 31st Annual Anti-Fraud Conference Presented by AFA, CDI, CDAA, and NICB
2020-09 Contra Costa undercover sting brings felony insurance fraud charges in auto body repair shops bust
2020-10 Fresno father and son charged with auto insurance fraud
2020-11 San Diegan charged for alleged insurance fraud after hit-and-run
2020-12 31st Annual Anti-Fraud Conference Canceled
2020-13 Department Issues Cease and Desist Order to Protect California Consumers from Misleading Health Plans
2020-14 Suspect extradited from Poland in $2.6 million organized fraud ring
2020-15 Significant Training Noncompliance This Past Year
2020-16 Hacienda Heights unlicensed insurance agent allegedly steals half a million dollars in clients' premiums
2020-17 Department issues Cease and Desist order against unlicensed van rental company and its owners
2020-18 Additional arrest warrants issued in $60 million sober living home fraud scheme
2020-19 43rd Annual SCFIA 2020 Anti Fraud Conference
2020-20 2019 SIU Annual Report
2020-21 Bakersfield dental assistant arraigned for insurance fraud and theft
2020-22 California Fraud Referrals Increased Despite Stay at Home Orders
2020-23 Second Bakersfield dental assistant charged for insurance fraud and theft
2020-24 Annual Training Requirements for Integral Anti-Fraud Personnel and SIU Personnel
2020-25 Department of Insurance investigation halts misleading practices by unlicensed immigration bond company
2020-26 Poway conman sentenced to 12 years in prison for $7 million Ponzi scheme targeting seniors
2020-27 CDI fraud lawsuit results in reforms of HUMIRA marketing and $24 million payment by drugmaker AbbVie
2020-28 East Bay woman pleads guilty to workers' compensation insurance fraud and identity theft
2020-29 Updated California SIU Regulations Effective October 1, 2020
2020-30 Anti-Fraud Alliance 3rd Quarter Virtual Training Meeting
2020-31 Revised SIU Regulations Training
2020-32 Bakersfield driver charged for alleged insurance fraud after an auto collision

Clarification of 9/22 Anti-Fraud Alliance Training vs. CDI SIU Revised Regulations Training

2020-34 9/22 Anti-Fraud Alliance Training has reached its Maximum Capacity, but it will be Recorded
2020-35 Merced agriculture company owner and daughter arraigned for $2.5 million insurance fraud scheme
2020-36 CA Dept. of Insurance SIU Revised Regulations Effective 10/1/2020 - Training Dates
2020-37 Sanger farm worker arraigned for alleged disability benefits insurance fraud scheme
2020-38 Lamont nursery worker arraigned for alleged insurance fraud
2020-39 Bakersfield health care biller charged for alleged insurance fraud
2020-40 Oxnard insurance agent and unlicensed employee arraigned for alleged fraud
2020-41 EFD-1 Revisions
2020-42 Department of Insurance issues Cease and Desist order against unlicensed Lake Forest agent
2020-43 San Diego dentist sentenced in nearly $900,000 fraudulent billings scheme
2020-44 Three arrested in Newberry Springs towing company's alleged insurance fraud scheme
2020-45 LA claims adjuster and chiropractor co-conspirator arrested in $1.6 million Operation Lien on Me
2020-46 Ontario street racer charged with auto insurance fraud and grand theft
2020-47 Janitorial company owner arraigned in $2.5 million insurance fraud case
2020-48 Northridge wife arraigned for alleged insurance fraud following husband's high-speed pursuit
2020-49 Task force arrests man for insurance fraud and reporting a false vehicle theft
2020-50 Canoga Park man arraigned for workers' comp insurance fraud
2020-51 Anderson parolee arrested for insurance fraud after fleeing scene of crash
2020-52 Fullerton couple charged with insurance fraud after four-car collision
2020-53 Sacramento area co-workers charged for insurance fraud and arson in $30,000 scheme
2020-54 El Cajon Harley Davidson motorcyclist arraigned in task force felony insurance fraud case
2020-55 North Hills unlicensed broker convicted again for insurance fraud
2020-56 Fontana electrician arraigned in $63,000 workers’ compensation insurance scheme
2020-57 Porter Ranch bail agent charged after allegedly stealing over $53,000 meant for consumers’ bonds 
2020-58 Former Santa Ana insurance agent arrested in $1.1 million securities fraud scheme
2020-59 Orange County insurance agents arrested in $4 million securities fraud scheme
2020-60 Fresno woman arraigned on felony counts of arson and insurance fraud
2020-61 Simi Valley roof company owner arraigned in $4 million workers’ comp fraud scheme
2020-62 Newport Beach attorney arrested for $310,000 insurance fraud scheme
2020-63 General SIU Compliance Program Update
2020-64 Bay Area Woman Guilty of Identity Theft After Being Caught Using Stolen State Visa Card
2020-65 Correct Link for the California Revised SIU Regulations Presentation
2020-66 Former LA insurance agent arraigned on over 40 counts after allegedly stealing co-workers’ commissions
2020-67 Department arrests mother and daughter in $210,000 Operation Double Trouble disability insurance fraud scheme
2020-68 Sacramento cleaning company owner charged in nearly $700,000 insurance fraud scheme 


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