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CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Insurance

2013-14 Schedule of Examination Fees

DATE: October 25, 2013

TO: All Admitted Insurers and Other Interested Parties

SUBJECT: California Department of Insurance Fiscal Year (FY) 2013-14 Schedule of Examination Fees

Section 730 of the California Insurance Code (CIC) authorizes the Insurance Commissioner to conduct examinations of insurance companies for financial solvency and compliance with California State law. Furthermore, and in accordance with CIC Section 736, all examinations shall be conducted at the expense of the insurer that is being examined.

The examination rate schedule has been prepared in compliance with the actual cost requirements set forth in CIC 12992. The FY 2013-14 California Department of Insurance exam rates are as follows:

  • Financial Analysis Reviews, $150/hour
  • Field Examinations, $130/hour
  • Actuarial Reviews (Statisticians Only), $150/hour
  • Actuarial Reviews (Actuaries Only), $325/hour
  • Insurance Practice Examinations, $125/hour
  • Executive Staff for Conservation and Liquidation Office Oversight, $156/hour
  • Investigations, $127/hour

If you have any questions regarding the Schedule of Examinations Fees, please contact Julia Cross, Chief, Financial Management Division at (916) 492-3264.

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