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CA Department of Insurance

Renewal of License

License Information

CDI emails licensees a renewal notification to their email address on record. The email notification includes the license number, license term, license type, and for individuals, information regarding any CE requirements. You can update your e-mail address using CDI's Online Address Change service.

Individuals and business entities who do not receive the email notification must still renew their license online by following the prompts on CDI's Online Renewal Service at the following website link: Online Renewal Service 

CDI's online renewal service is available to public insurance adjusters who want to renew their licenses after the license expiration date has passed. Additionally, the online renewal service is available to public insurance adjusters who previously used the online renewal service as an on-time renewal but were not able to renew their license because not all of the requirements to renew were met prior to the license expiration date. The online renewal service allows public insurance adjusters, once their requirements have been met, to complete the renewal of their license by paying the $62 late penalty fee.

Any Public Insurance Adjusters that renew their licenses late will be required to pay a $62 penalty fee. "Late" is defined as any renewal for which the requirements to renew (for CA residents this includes completing the ethics and continuing education hours) are not met until after the expiration date of the previous license term. Use this link Late Renewal to find out how to late renew your license.

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