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CA Department of Insurance

Non-Resident Public Insurance Adjuster Fingerprint Requirements

Fingerprint Requirement

  • All unlicensed applicants are required to file fingerprint impressions.*
  • These fingerprint impressions must be taken by a law enforcement agency (police department, sheriff's office, etc.) on a standard FBI fingerprint card. The fingerprint card is usually available from the law enforcement agency that you contact to do the printing. To ensure that your fingerprint impressions are properly recorded, complete part 1 on the Live Scan Service Request, form 442-39A. In addition, on fingerprint card enter the number "A0042" in the space designated for the "ORI" number and in the space designated for the "OCA" you must enter the number "1000."
  • To obtain a fingerprint card(s) form by mail, send an e-mail request to: Producer Licensing Bureau.
  • The total processing fee for the fingerprint impressions taken by CDI's contracted vendor, Accurate Biometrics, is $58.30. This fee consists of the revised FBI processing fee of $17, DOJ processing fee of $32, and the contracted vendor's rolling fee of $9.30.
  • The fingerprint card along with a completed credit card form that is attached to the Live Scan Service Request, form 442-39A or a check in the amount of $58.30 made payable to Accurate Biometrics must be mailed directly to Accurate Biometrics, 455 Capitol Mall, Suite 233, Sacramento, CA 95814.

*Note: Your application will not be processed until your fingerprint impressions have been received by Accurate Biometrics.

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