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CA Department of Insurance

Statistical Analysis Division

The mission of the Statistical Analysis Division is to provide current consumer driven information and statistical research on the insurance industry, market conditions and other issues of specific concern to the Insurance Commissioner, California Department of Insurance (CDI) management team, and public.

The Statistical Analysis Division collects, analyzes, and reports market trend data.  This data provides the department with recent market information upon which to evaluate the conditions of various insurance lines of business.  In addition, the Statistical Analysis Division collects and reports information and research on the insurance industry, market conditions and other issues related to the California insurance market.

The Statistical Analysis Division is a project oriented unit that produces reports and consumer oriented studies for the department and the public.  Various department divisions use the databases, studies and programs created by the division, includes the Consumer Services and Market Conduct Branch, the Investigations Branch, the Rate Regulation Branch, and the Communications Office.  In addition, the Statistical Analysis Division analyzes and develops legislation related to the collection of data by the CDI.

The Statistical Analysis Division maintains computer systems to collect data and conduct in-depth analysis on millions of data elements submitted by the insurance industry and other sources.  These computer systems are used to evaluate, compare and interpret massive raw data and statistics and to maintain and update annual and semi-annual reports based on that data.  The data provided by the Statistical Analysis Divisin is also used by the public, consumer groups, industry, the Legislature, the media, university students, teachers, and the department's management team and employees.

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