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Welcome to the California Department of Insurance
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Deputy Commissioner, Rate Regulation Branch
Joel Laucher

SF1 Rate Filing Bureau Chief
Rick Holbrook

SF2 Rate Filing Bureau Chief
Larry LaStofka

LA1 Rate Filing Bureau Chief
Mike Edwards

LA2 Rate Filing Bureau Chief
Phil Pratt

LA3 Rate Filing Bureau Chief
Ken Allen

Rate Specialist Bureau Chief
George Yen

Rate Filing Bureaus

On December 16, 1988, the Rate Filing Bureaus were created to implement the prior approval provisions of Proposition 103. Five Rate Filing Bureaus--SF1, SF2, LA1, LA2, and LA3--review all prior approval rate filings for personal and commercial property and casualty lines of business. The review consists of analyzing data, statistical information, and methodologies used in the rate application to ensure compliance with state law. In addition to the review of prior approval applications, the Rate Filing Bureaus are responsible for the review of personal automobile class plans and advisory organization manual and forms filings.

The Rate Filing Bureau LA3 also reviews workers' compensation rate applications pursuant to Sections 11730 through 11735, credit filings pursuant to Section 1861.137 and title filings pursuant to Sections 12401.1 and 12401.3. Unlike the prior approval provisions governing the property and casualty lines, workers' compensation, credit and title rate filings are subject to file-and-use provisions. These provisions stipulate that workers' compensation, credit and title rate applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to their effective date and must be complete or they may be rejected.