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CA Department of Insurance

Civil Service Exam Process


This publication entitled, "Civil Service Examination Process", attempts to categorize and summarize valuable and useful information in one publication. It was developed to provide you with guidelines in preparation for entrance into and career advancement with State civil service.

This guide describes the State civil service examination and walks you through the different steps involved. It also provides answers to many questions about the examination process. To further enhance your promotional goals, it is important that you review the entire guide as each section contains valuable and useful information.

The Department of Insurance has a 24-hour recorded listing of all currently scheduled departmental examinations as well as job opportunity announcements. The recordings are updated weekly. The examination recording telephone number is (916) 492-3393.

If you need further examination information, please write or call the Human Resources Management Division at:

Department of Insurance
Human Resources Management - Examination Section
300 Capitol Mall, 13th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814
Telephone: (916) 492-3300

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