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Insurance Commissioner Jones announces arrests of three Central Valley men for Insurance Fraud

Dave Althausen
August 4, 2011 1:30 PM

On June 14 and June 15, 2011, Detectives from the Urban Organized Auto Insurance Fraud Task Force in conjunction with Officers from the Fresno Police Departments Career Criminal Auto Theft Team, known as C-CATT, arrested and booked Brent Myrick, Timothy Tutor, and Wade Fields. Each suspect had an arrest warrant for violating section 550 (a) (1) of the penal code. Nathan Rutherford, who was in custody on unrelated charges, was held at the Fresno County Jail on this warrant for violating section 550 (a) (1) and section 548 of the penal code. Each faces a sentence of incarceration of two, three, or five years in prison and/or fine up to $50,000 or double the amount of the fraud.

Investigators from the Urban Organized Auto Insurance Fraud Task Force responded to assist Fresno County Sheriff Deputies with the investigation of a chop shop in the City of Sanger, in Fresno County. The deputies recovered a stolen 2001 Chevrolet Silverado belonging to a Brent Myrick at the location. The vehicle was stripped and was in the process of getting chopped up. In the course of the investigation Detectives learned that the group of friends had conspired to assist Myrick in the disposal of his truck in order to commit insurance fraud. In statements made to Task Force Detectives, Tutor and Fields delivered the truck to Rutherford's residence for stripping and chopping. When Detectives spoke with Myrick he maintained his innocence and Rutherford was then arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle and operating a chop shop.

Task Force Detectives later developed further case evidence and discovered that Myrick had advised Ameriprise Insurance that his truck was stolen while he was out of town on vacation, during which time he reportedly had no contact with friends. However records discovered tied communications between Myrick and Tutor at or around the time of the alleged theft on November 25, 2010, contrary to previous statements given. A witness was also located who stated that Myrick called them asking them to assist Tutor and Fields in the stripping of his truck.

The Fresno County District Attorney's Office is prosecuting this case. The Fresno County Sheriffs Department and the Special Investigations Unit of Ameriprise Insurance Company assisted with the investigation.



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