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CA Department of Insurance

Co-conspirators get caught padding claim

Madison Voss
February 26, 2015 11:07 AM

FRESNO, Calif. - David King, 54, of Fresno, was arrested last week by Department of Insurance detectives and charged with insurance fraud. King allegedly conspired with Darryl Ireland, 59, also from Fresno, and submitted false documents and statements to increase the settlement amount from a prior auto collision. 

A 2013 study by the Insurance Research Council found nearly a quarter of Americans believe it is acceptable to increase their insurance claim by a small amount to make up for deductibles they are required to pay.

"Exaggerating or padding a claim is illegal," said Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. "Consumers need to remember that providing a false statement on their insurance claim is insurance fraud and could lead to serious criminal penalties, including jail time."

According to department investigators, Darryl Ireland was involved in a traffic collision in 2013 and during the settlement process he submitted a false statement asking for an additional $3,400 for a missed job opportunity. King submitted false documentation to the insurance company to support Ireland's claim. King later admitted his role in the scheme and was arrested. Ireland, allegedly the architect of the scheme, is still at large.

King faces possible jail time and penalties. The Fresno County District Attorney's office is prosecuting this case.

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