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CA Department of Insurance

About the Fraud Division

CDI Fraud Staff


The Fraud Division is the largest law enforcement unit that makes up the Enforcement Branch of the California Department of Insurance.

The Fraud Division's mission is to ensure public safety through the detection, investigation, and arrest of insurance fraud offenders.

The Fraud Division accomplishes its mission through its staff of 260 dedicated employees, of which 194 are sworn officers. Fraud Division Detectives are sworn Peace Officers pursuant to Section 830.3(i) of the California Penal Code. Our Detectives conduct a variety of specialized criminal investigations that pertain to insurance fraud within four primary programs:  Auto Insurance Fraud; Workers' Compensation Fraud; Property/Casualty Fraud, and Healthcare/Disability Fraud.

Crimes investigated under these programs are under Section 550 of the Penal Code, the California Insurance Code, and other related crimes such as conspiracy, theft, and automobile theft statutes.

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