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Quick Guide - Applicant (California Resident and Non-Resident)

What kind of license do you want?

If you want to know what type of license you need, please select the following link that lists the license types available from CDI and also the requirements to get that specific license: License Types and Requirements

Where can I find the online application?

To fill out an online license application, please select the following link and follow the instructions: License Application

The online application has background questions and I'm not sure how to answer the questions. What should I do?

Please select the following link for specific instructions on answering the background questions on your application: Application Disclosures

The application has background questions and I'm not sure how to answer the questions. What should I do?

Please select the following link for specific instructions on answering the background questions on your application: Application Disclosures

What do I do if I have been convicted of a felony for crimes of dishonesty, breach of trust in a state or federal jurisdiction or have been convicted of any violation of Title 18 U.S.C.§ 1033 (the "Act").

If this situation applies to you, please select the following link and carefully read the information to determine if you are going to proceed with the application process: 1033 Consent

What happens if there is a change in my background during the application process?

Section 1729.2 of the California Insurance Code requires insurance producer applicants and licensees to notify the Insurance Commissioner in writing, within 30 days, of changes in background information after an application has been submitted or a license has been issued. Please select the following link for specific information: Background Reporting Requirements

Does CDI have fingerprint requirements?

California residents must be fingerprinted before they are issued a license. There are fingerprint requirements for non-residents who were not fingerprinted as a condition of obtaining an insurance producer license in their resident state. Please choose the link below that best describes your situation:

Resident Applicants

Nonresident Applicants

Why is it taking so long for my fingerprint results?

CDI has no control over the time it takes to receive fingerprint results from the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). According to DOJ's website, some transactions require manual intervention as opposed to being processed automatically. Therefore, the fingerprint results will be delayed. The need for manual intervention can be caused by many factors, some requiring multiple activities to be resolved. When manual review is required, a "delay" notice is sent to CDI. The next communiqué to be received by CDI is the completed fingerprint results from DOJ and/or the FBI. Also, DOJ will not respond to questions or status inquiries related to delayed transactions as there is no pertinent information that can be statutorily provided until the manual review of the transaction is complete. Delayed transactions are considered in process and, as such, no further information is available until the completed results are sent to CDI. For more information on DOJ fingerprint issues, please select the following link: DOJ Fingerprint Information

Does CDI have prelicensing education requirements?

Please select the following link to find the prelicensing requirements for specific license types: Prelicensing Education

How do I find a prelicensing education provider?

CDI cannot recommend a specific education provider. However, CDI has a Locating Provider online service that you can use to locate a CDI certified provider. Please select the following link if you would like to search prelicensing providers: Search Prelicensing Providers

How do I study for the examination?

First, take the appropriate prelicensing course for the license type you need. Next, please select the following link to review the educational objectives that are approved by CDI: Prelicensing Educational Objectives Prelicensing providers are required to use the educational objectives to develop the prelicensing curriculum. In addition the license examination questions are based on the educational objectives.

How do I sign-up to take the examination?

CDI has contracted with PSI Services, LLC, a nationwide license examination vendor, to schedule and administer the licensing examinations. Please select the following link for information on scheduling your examination: License Examinations

I filled out an application, got my fingerprints taken, and completed my prelicensing education. When will I get my license?

Processing time for "clean" applications is approximately one to two weeks from the date you submitted your online application. Your license will be issued if you have passed the licensing examination, completed the required prelicensing education, had your fingerprints cleared by both DOJ and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and, if you are not a citizen of the United States, submitted a work authorization. In addition, a "clean" application means that you answered "NO" to all of the background questions. If your application meets these requirements, you will receive an email from CDI the day your license is issued with instructions on how to print or download your license.

If you answered "YES" to any of the background questions, your application will be referred for further review which causes an automatic delay on the processing of your application. Refer to the first page, the "Electronic Application Submission" page, of your online application which tells you what documents you must submit to the CDI and how to submit them. As with any application, your fingerprints must clear both the DOJ and FBI before being reviewed. You will be contacted by an analyst from the Producer Licensing Background Section if additional information is needed. Please be patient. Please do not fax, email, mail or send overnight any documents to the CDI unless a technician or an analyst specifically asks for the documents.

Why is there a delay in getting my fingerprint results from DOJ and the FBI?

CDI has no control over receiving fingerprint results or for delayed fingerprint results from the DOJ and the FBI. CDI must wait for the results before an application is processed. Please do not call the Licensing Hotline as you and CDI are waiting for your fingerprint results. The additional calls do not speed up the process.

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